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Welcome to the Next Step in Your MBA Journey

Here you'll find useful information and links to help you take the next steps toward being a part of the Baylor Business community.

Step 1 - Within 30 days of Acceptance

  • Official Documents - If your offer of admission is contingent upon receipt of official documents, you will not be able to activate your Baylor accounts or register for courses until Baylor receives all official documents, i.e. transcripts. Check your goBaylor Grad account to confirm the receipt of all official documents. Once all official documents are uploaded into your goBaylor account, the admissions process is complete.
  • BearID - Activate your BearID (Baylor email account). The BearID will serve as your primary means of communication with Baylor faculty and staff.
  • BearWeb - Activate your BearWeb student account. BearWeb is Baylor's secure online system allowing students self-service access to information about your financial aid, grades and transcripts, and registration of classes as well as personal information such as addresses, phone numbers and emergency contacts.
  • MBA Enrollment Form - A deposit of $500 is required by the Business School to reserve your place in the MBA program. The deposit can be paid either by credit card or by check while completing the MBA Enrollment Form.
  • Graduate Scholarship - If you received an offer for a Graduate Scholarship award, please sign and return the award agreement to the Business School.
  • Financial Aid - You can explore options for financial aid through Baylor's Office of Financial Aid at any time.
  • Cost of Attendance - For financial aid purposes, the Cost of Attendance is an estimate of the total cost to attend Baylor and includes both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are those billed by Baylor, such as tuition and fees. Indirect Costs are books, supplies, transportation, personal expenses and room and board. The Business School does assess an additional Graduate Program Fee of $200 in the fall and spring semesters for MBA students.

Step 2 - Upon Submitting Deposit

  • International Students - All international students should connect with Baylor's Center for Global Engagement which assists incoming international students with visa-related requirements. You can also use the MBA program checklist for international students.
  • Health Form and Health Insurance - All students need to complete and return the Baylor Health Form to Baylor's Health Center. You can also research the Student Health Insurance Plan available to Baylor graduate students. NOTE: You will also need to provide proof of your Meningitis vaccination required by Texas state law. All students under 30 on the first day of class must have the meningitis vaccination at least 10 days prior to the first day of class. Details are available here.
  • Advising and Registration - Individual appointments with your academic advisor, Chelsea Derry, can be made via our Scheduling Calendar. You should register for courses prior to arrival on campus. General registration info is available at
  • Advising Webinar

  • Registration Holds - If you have a hold on your student account, you can identify the type of hold through your BearWeb account. New students often have a hold because personal information is incomplete. Personal data such as date of birth, ethnicity and religion are not required during the application process but are needed for Baylor to compile student profiles. Baylor never releases individual statistics to any outside entity.

Step 3 - Once Course Registration is Complete

  • Financial Settlement - A student's course registration for a given semester is not complete until all expenses are paid or the first payment of the Installment Plan (the minimum amount due) is received. A Financial Settlement Checklist is posted by Baylor's Office of Student Financial Services.
  • Textbooks - Students can access required textbook information on BearWeb. After registering, select the "get books" option to see required textbooks. If no textbooks show under a specific course, professors will share any required materials with you either prior to or on the first day of class.
  • Graduate Assistantship Work -If you are offered a position to work as a Graduate Assistant, you must complete an I-9 and a W-4. See the Graduate School's Student Employment Forms webpage for more information and copies of the forms.

Step 4 - Academic Preparation

  • Business Foundations- All incoming students who do not have a business undergraduate degree are required to take Business Foundation (BF) Courses in the first semester of the MBA program. These five BF courses in accounting, statistics, economics, finance, and business law prepare non-business undergrads for graduate level business content. If you have been out of school and do not remember content from your undergraduate business classes, you can choose to take some BF courses, prior to the Core 1 semester.
  • Core 1 - Incoming students with a business undergraduate degree will be expected to have a solid foundation in principles of accounting, economics, statistics, corporate finance, and business law. In order to keep the length of the program to 16 months, no class time will be spent in Core 1 classes to review business principles.


Virtually all coursework requires computer knowledge and excel skills in particular are critical for any course that involves quantitative problems. Find a training resource that will help you master your spreadsheets. A few suggestions:


  • Canvas - Canvas is the software used by Baylor that allows you to communicate with instructors and fellow students within a course. Other features include 24/7 availability of syllabi, assignments, online grades, online attendance tracking, and Internet communication tools. You can access your course materials from any computer with Internet access. Log into Canvas.
  • Notebook Computer - All MBA students are required to have a notebook computer.Notebook requirements
  • Microsoft 365 Products - Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus service is now available for all current Baylor faculty, staff, and students.

Baylor ID Card - After you arrive on campus, you will get a Baylor ID card, which is used for library privileges, building access, lab access, meal plans, selected student functions, and sporting events.


Orientation is required for all MBA students.

Fall 2018 

  • Friday, August 10 - Day to get all of your on campus business settled, such as student IDs, parking pass, books, and GA assignments.  Welcome dinner in the evening.
  • Monday, August 13, through Friday, August 17 - Agenda will be sent via email in July.

Spring 2019

  • Monday, January 14, 2019
    Graduate Conference Room #440
    Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation
    Dinner will be served

Career Management

One-on-one coaching appointments are available with Career Management. Schedule an appointment at your convenience via our Scheduling Calendar.

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