Baylor Business MBA

Application Process

Applicants apply separately to both schools and must take both the GMAT or GRE and the LSAT. Your transcripts and letters of recommendation can be used for both applications.

It does not matter which school you apply to first, and you do not need to apply to both schools at the same time. Students often enroll in one program and then decide to apply to the other program.

Length of MBA/JD Program

The Business School requires MBA/JD students to take 32-35 hours of core MBA courses. Since the MBA elective course requirements are waived, the length of the MBA coursework for MBA/JD students is one year.

The Business School operates on the semester system, while the Law School operates on the quarter system. Students do not take business and law classes at the same time. It is possible to complete both sets of requirements in 36 months; however, most students complete both degrees in four years.

The order in which you take courses is different for each student, depending upon which program you start first. Students must start Business School in the summer semester. Law students should note the schedules for both Practice Court (PC) and the Bar Exam, because they can only start PC in the spring or fall quarters and are required to do PC I, II, & III in consecutive quarters. The Bar exam is offered at the end of the summer and winter quarters.

Grades for each program are recorded separately on your transcript.

Scholarship Opportunities

Each school has different criteria for admission and scholarships. It is possible to get accepted into one program and not the other. Likewise, it is possible to get a full scholarship from one school and nothing from the other school.

For More Information

  • Law School: Jenny Branson, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Law School
  • Business School: Scot Sanders, Assistant Director, Graduate Business Admissions
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