Experiential Learning

Baylor Business MBA

Focus Firm Class

Rather than simply analyzing case studies and running through simulations, the Focus Firm class gives students experience working on a real project.

At the start of the semester, executives from the partner company launch the project and then students work to collect data, research trends, and develop recommendations. Toward the end of the semester, students present their findings to company executives.

In fall 2018, 10 students will work with Durango Midstream to create financial models.

Most recently, students worked on an research project about compensation forFocus Firm - SAP SAP Success Factors. In previous semesters, students worked on business models for non-profit organization One Heart Project; supply chain project for Lockheed Martin; and marketing research strategies for small businesses for Dell Technologies.

In spring 2016, MBAs worked with project sponsors, representing the City of North Bay in Ontario, Canada, to research strategies for economic development. They started the semester with survey data about community perceptions. Take a quick look at the presentation to the City of North Bay on the Invest in North Bay webpage.

Venture Capital Associates

As part of the Venture Capital Practicum class (ENT 5331), MBA students travel weekly to G-51 Capital Management, LLC. in Austin. At G-51, students scour new investment plans in order to evaluate the legitimacy of the opportunities clarify issues ranging from market size to the protection of intellectual property.

Monthly, students participate in a "deal review" that entails each student pitching the various plans under his purview and giving his recommendations to the G-51 managers. Students are exposed to various types of business plans, ranging from software to manufacturing.

Portfolio Management Practicum

MBA students enrolled in the Practicum in Portfolio Management class manage an investment portfolio valued at $5 million. The class meets in the Southwest Securities Financial Markets Center to learn the tools and techniques used by investment professionals to analyze and select individual stocks.

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