Business Foundations

Baylor Business MBA

What is Business Foundations?

Incoming students without an undergraduate degree in business begin the MBA program by taking Business Foundations. These five classes (12 credit hours) serve as an introduction to graduate-level business coursework and prepare students who are not familiar with basic business concepts to be successful in the core curriculum.

What classes are inlduded in Business Foundations?

  • Accounting
  • Math for Decision Making (Statistics)
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Business Law

Is Business Foundations For Credit?

Business Foundations courses are taken pass/fail and do not factor into the student's grade point average. Successful completion of the Business Foundations courses confers 12 graduate credit hours on your transcript.

When can I take Business Foundations?

Business Foundations is only offered in summer and fall semesters. Healthcare students must take Business Foundations in the summer.

Is Business Foundations optional?

Incoming students who have an undergraduate business degree have Business Foundations waived. Students with a business minor can request a waiver, but a transcript evaluation will be required to determine if the necessary requirements have been met as part of that minor.

Can I audit Business Foundations?

Some students with an undergraduate business degree choose to opt into Business Foundations to refresh their understanding of business concepts. Choosing to audit Business Foundations ensures an easier transition back into business concepts for those who have been away from business for some time.

The fee for auditing a course is one-fourth of the current tuition rate of one semester hour. Tuition remission funds may not be used to cover classes that are being audited. Audited courses may not be repeated at a later date for credit, may not be changed in status after the registration period, and are not considered part of the course load.

Why take Business Foundations Courses?

What is the impact of Business Foundations on my degree plan?

Taking Business Foundations is the sole difference between an accelerated MBA and a standard MBA. Students not taking Business Foundations will complete the accelerated MBA degree in 16 months.

Students who take Business Foundations will complete a standard MBA degree in 21 months; this is considered to be a more traditional "two-year", full-time MBA program. Healthcare students who take Business Foundations will complete their MBA degree in 24 months, because of the extended residency requirement.

Joint degree students taking Business Foundations will spend three semesters in the Business School: one semester in Business Foundations courses and two semesters in the MBA core courses.

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