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Build Marketable Experience

To get a job in professional sports, you have to have experience. Upon completing the S3 major, you will have sold ticket packages for major league teams, prepared marketing campaigns for Fox Sports and AT&T, gained competence in statistical analysis of fan data, interned with a professional team or major media company, and learned how to manage a CRM system.

Salary Resources

Career Development

Resources devoted to job and internship placement

  • Marketing and Sales Career Fairs
    Unlike school wide careers fairs, Marketing and Sales Career Fairs bring targeted groups of companies with marketing and sales positions directly to our students.
  • Marketing Internship Program
    The marketing internship program is a mentored work experience for undergraduate marketing students.
  • Professional Development Program (PDP)
    The PDP is a student-run program with a series of events designed to facilitate learning opportunities outside of the classroom, and to prepare students for a successful college-to-career transition.

General Resources

Student Organizations

  • S3 Club
    The S3 Club focuses on bringing internship and career opportunities and knowledge to students interested in sports and sports-related careers. The S3 Club is open to majors and non-majors alike.
  • UpRoar Records Club
    Uproar Records is an entertainment productions company run by students. Students manage the design, production, management, and marketing of artists. Uproar Club members, including majors, recruit artists, record and produce tracks, and market the artists.
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