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Why Major in Marketing?

As a marketing major, you have the opportunity to tailor your studies to fit your specific career goals.

The marketing major focuses on creating hands-on courses to better teach core concept. Small classes (18-24 students) better accomodate these learning experiences, as well as allowing students, professors, and industry partners to interface directly.

The goal of our faculty is to mold you into a highly marketable asset when you leave Baylor to start your career. Part of this process involves equipping you with the tools necessary to obtain at least one internship prior to graduation.

Marketing Course Plan

The Marketing course plan is taken as part of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

BBA Core

Fourty-eight hours from the BBA Core form the basis of business knowledge for marketing majors, as well as all business majors at Baylor.

I. University/BBA Core --
II. MKT Major Required Courses 9 hours
MKT 3325 - Consumer Behavior
MKT 3330 - Marketing Research (Spring of Junior Year)
MKT 4330 - Marketing Analysis and Decision Making
III. Marketing Electives (Choose 3) 9 hours
Branding and Promotion Courses:
MKT 3320 - Advertising Procedures
MKT 4321 - Promotion Campaigns
MKT 4340 - Strategic Brand Management
MKT 4342 - Event and Venue Marketing
MKT 4395 - Marketing Internship
Marketing Management Courses:
MKT 3320 - Advertising Procedures
MKT 4315 - Retail Store Management
MKT 4320 - Marketing Channels
MKT 4325 - European Business Seminar
MKT 4325 - International Marketing
MKT 4395 - Marketing Internship
Sales/Sales Management Courses:
MKT 3310 - Professional Selling and Communications I
MKT 4310 - Sales Force Management
MKT 4320 - Marketing Channels MKT 4395 - Marketing Internship
Core + 18 hours

Non-Profit and Social Enterprise Marketing Track

The core marketing major also has an option of a specialized track in Non-Profit and Social Enterprise Marketing. Students selecting this option would earn a BBA in Marketing with a designation of completing a specialized track in this area.

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