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Sports Strategy and Sales Major


Why Major in S3?

The Sports Strategy and Sales major is the only complete major in sports sales in the United States. As an S3 major, you will have the opportunity to intern and begin careers in Analytics or Sales Leadership at the highest level of professional sports, eSports, corporations or agencies.

The 18 hours of coursework in marketing and professional selling for sports are rooted in values-based leadership principles that will guide you in making a meaningful difference in the workplace.

Program Admission

Students under the 2017-2018 or 2018-2019 catalog may complete the S3 major or choose to follow the new S3 Program guidelines for a selected emphasis in the Marketing major. Review the new program courses and tracks here. The application is located here for those under earlier catalogs wishing to complete the S3 major.

If you choose to major in Marketing and select an emphasis in sales or analytics, please declare this by completing this form. Completing the form gives you priority seating in S3 classes.

Admission Criteria

  • Admission into the Hankamer Business School.
    This requires a minimum of a "C" in these courses: BUS 1101, BUS 1201, BUS 2101, MIS 1305, QBA 2302, QBA 2305, ECO 2306, ECO 2307, ACC 2303, ACC 2304, ENG 1302 or BIC 1413 for BIC students, ENG 1304 or BIC 1321 for BIC students, MTH 1308/1320 (only students requiring Pre-Calculus) and MTH 1309/1321. Transfers must meet these requirements before consideration for admission into the S3 program.
  • Completion of the application prior to March 1st.
  • Grade Point Average
    Students must have at least a cumulative 3.00 GPA to be considered for the major. Students are considered for acceptance based on the application, references, GPA and interviews (as needed). (Transfers must have at least 12 hours at Baylor.)
  • 60 Hours Earned Credit

Program Contact

If you are interested in more information about the program, please contact Darryl Lehnus or Kirk Wakefield and visit the S3 website.

S3 Course Plan

The S3 course plan is taken as part of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

BBA Core

Forty-eight hours from the BBA Core form the basis of business knowledge for S3 majors. The core forms the foundation for all business majors at Baylor.

Program Tracks

As an S3 major, you will be prepared to pursue one of the following career paths:

  • Sales Leadership
    • MKT 3310 - Professional Selling and Communication (Fall only with Lehnus)
    • MKT 4341 - Professional Selling and Communication for Sports II (Spring, Junior)
  • Analytics
    • MKT 4342 - Sports Marketing Analytics (Fall only with Wakefield)
    • MKT 4360 - Customer Analytics (Spring only with Wakefield)
    • MKT 4390 - S3 Global Sports Business Analytics (Summer Baylor Abroad Program in alternate summers)

Graduate Placement

All S3 majors have the opportunity to interview with a variety of professional sports teams, sports media and sports marketing agencies associated with our program's Advisory Board. We have placed over 100 graduates in positions with major league teams in the past seven years.

Armed with a degree in business from Baylor University and two years of professional training in sales and marketing, S3 graduates have outstanding sales and marketing careers in a variety of fields.

Below is a representative list of organizations hiring recent graduates:

  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Daktronics (Sponsorship Sales)
  • Columbus Blue Jackets
  • FC Dallas
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Dallas Stars
  • Homestead Miami Speedway
  • Houston Astros
  • Houston Dynamo
  • Houston Rockets
  • Houston Texans
  • KC Sporting
  • Los Angeles Kings
  • New York Yankees
  • Orlando Magic
  • PGA Tour, Inc.
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Phoenix Suns
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • San Diego Padres
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • St. Louis Rams
  • Tampa Bay Bucs
  • Texas Rangers
  • The Marketing Arm


The Marketing Department annually awards scholarships ranging from $750-$2500 for outstanding S3 majors with financial needs. Must be junior or senior standing.

Scholarship information and the scholarship application can be found here.

S3 Distinctions

The following characteristics distinguish the Baylor S3 program from other sports-related degrees.

  1. National Support
    1. Primary partners — These include Phillips 66, La Quinta Inns & Suites, Schlotzsky’s, Fox Sports, Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.
    2. Hiring partners — These partners include the best franchises in the country across all leagues .
  2. Sales — Students take three courses in sports focused professional selling and management. Experiential learning components of these courses include the following.
    1. Houston Astro Sales Campaign — Completing at least 30 hours of monitored sales calls to set appointments and sell full-menu items. Leads are provided by the Houston Astros.
    2. Sales training provided by sales managers from the Houston Astros, the San Antonio Spurs, FC Dallas and other sales professionals.
    3. Experience utilizing the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM cloud system to maintain sales activity records. Senior CRM-track students have the opportunity to serve as project administrators.
    4. Senior Sales-track students have the opportunity to gain management experience by managing the sales teams.
    5. Compete in the AT&T Sponsorship Challenge — AT&T presents a sponsorship strategy challenge with a selected sports property.
      1. Students compete to develop comprehensive brand activation strategies to meet the defined corporate and property objectives.
      2. Judges are executives from AT&T, The Marketing Arm (AT&T agency) and S3 partners – Dan Migala and Eric Fernandez.
      3. Proposed plans from past challenges have been executed in part by the Cotton Bowl, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Stars, the San Antonio Spurs, Major League Soccer and the Circuit of the Americas.
  3. Analytical Skills Development — To better understand fan behavior, students learn to manage and analyze customer data sets using SPSS software, ANOVA, crosstabs, correlations, multiple regression, MANOVA and cluster analysis.
  4. CRM — As an academic partner with Microsoft Dynamics and KORE software, students have access to the latest software in the 24 seat call center lab.
    1. Microsoft considers the Baylor S3 program a leader in the sports industry. Information about jobs in Microsoft Dynamics can be found here.
    2. All students receive a complete semester of hands-on training with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and KORE software. They are then able to train and help others with all CRM sales functions.
    3. CRM professionals from the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Texas Rangers, the San Antonio Spurs, the Houston Astros, the Dallas Stars, KORE, Pizza Hut International and others visit campus to provide real-world examples of CRM implementation.
  5. Experience — All S3 students intern with a pro team or a corporate partner during the summer between the junior and senior years.
  6. Values — Through our values-based leadership training and capstone senior course, S3 students succeed by focusing on W-I-N.
    1. Work Ethic — Going the second mile, above and beyond expectations.
    2. Integrity — Maintaining trust, facing reality, performing well, embracing problems and maintaining a growth-orientation while rooted in transcendent values.
    3. Networking — Establishing and fostering meaningful, lasting relationships.
  7. S3 Mission Statement — To faithfully live lives of integrity marked by a strong work ethic in order to influence and transform relationships in the sports industry one person at a time.
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