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Who Should Major in Marketing with a specialized track in Nonprofit and Social Enterprise Marketing?

If you have a passion for a cause or mission, studying Nonprofit and Social Enterprise Marketing may be a smart decision.

Nonprofit and Social Enterprise Marketing is a specialized track that will prepare you to lead nonprofit organizations and for-profit social enterprise initiatives. Students are challenged to work with local nonprofits and large organizations to use their business skills to help find solutions to pressing societal issues.

Graduates from this program finish with a marketing major and the recognition that they are prepared for a career in leadership positions in nonprofits and marketing organizations focused on social enterprise.

Nonprofit Degree Plan

I. University/BBA Core --
II. MKT Major Required Courses 6 hours
MKT 3325 - Consumer Behavior
MKT 3330 - Marketing Research
III. Nonprofit Track Required Courses 12 hours
MKT 3340 - Nonprofit Marketing
MKT 3310 - Professional Selling and Communication
MKT 3320 - Advertising Procedures or
MKT 4340 - Strategic Brand Management
MKT 4398 or MKT 4395 - Directed Studies in Nonprofit or Social Enterprise Marketing or Internship in a Nonprofit Organization
Core + 18 hours
Border Title