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The Department of Management offers three undergraduate majors in a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) degree program:

  • Management

    Management is a more generalized major that prepares you for a broad array of leadership career opportunities. Courses focusing in principled leadership, negotiation, human resources, and other key skills equip you to step into a managerial role after graduation. Management is also a popular choice for a second major to complement a business or non-business major.
  • Supply Chain Management

    The Supply Chain Management (SCM) major provides the tools needed to successfully manage a firm’s value chain from raw materials, through suppliers, manufacturing, distribution, retail, to the final customer. Given the environmental impact and international scope of most supply chains, SCM may be the greenest and most global of any major in the business school. This major also offers excellent internship and job opportunities.
  • Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management (HRM) prepares you to manage the flow of people into organizations as well as employee development, safety, and diversity. Upper-level classes focus on key areas like staffing and compensation, and electives include interviewing, benefits management, and training and development.
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