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Management Consulting offers students a chance to implement the Hankamer School of Business values in and out of the classroom. This focus allows students to live out the mission of the Hankamer School of Business and work towards becoming principled leaders who serve the global marketplace through transformation learning and innovation. The course also fosters an environment of scholastic learning through management project simulations, case studies, and analysis of consulting project examples.

The management consulting course at Baylor University provides students with real-time, real customer project management. Clients from around the greater Waco area petition the course director to have their business need selected to be a project for the course. After visits with potential clients by the director, the projects are selected by the students. Students in the management consulting course work with their clients to establish a scope for their project, determine deliverables, and give recommendations. Some groups will enter the implementation phase and assist their client in starting the improvement process at the client's company.

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