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AUTHOR: Quade, Matthew J.

Bottom-Line Mentality: How it Affects Performance
Matthew J. Quade, PhD, Benjamin D. McLarty, PhD, and Julena M. Bonner, PhD
Profits are essential to managing a business, but can an emphasis on the bottom-line impact employees? Our research examines how supervisors with high bottom-line mentality garner negative perceptions from employees, leading to decreased employee performance

The Risks of Ethical Behavior
Matthew J. Quade, PhD, Rebecca L. Greenbaum, PhD, and Mary B. Mawritz, PhD
At every firm, there are employees who will adhere to a strict ethical standard and those who value performance above all else. Our team examined what happens when there are disparities in ethical practice and job performance between employees and how ethics may have unintended consequences on the social landscape of your office

Boundary Conditions of Ethical Leadership: Stress as a Potential Inhibitor
Matthew J. Quade, PhD, Sara Jansen Perry, PhD, and Emily M. Hunter, PhD
In this article, we study the relationship between ethical leadership and employee deviance and turnover intentions, considering the role of hindrance stress from the leader and the job. Our findings show that ethical leaders who also impose additional demands are perceived to miss the mark in providing proper social support are likely to have deviant or withdrawing employees

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