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AUTHOR: Pettit, Kevin

Maximizing Your Social Media Marketing
Kevin Pettit, MBA Candidate
A strong social media presence is critical to cultivate relationships with potential clients and build credibility in the public eye. Effective use of social media platforms will help convert views into sales, retain those clients over long periods of time, and build a lasting business

Kevin Pettit, MBA Candidate
In Sales EQ, Jeb Blount explains that the emotional experience of buying is more important than any product, price, or feature. To be an effective sales person, it is necessary to approach people the way they buy rather than the way you sell, which requires high emotional intelligence and knowledge of how people make decisions

INSIDER: Listing Boss
Kevin Pettit, MBA Candidate
Differentiating one's self from the competition is crucial to the success or failure of the business. In his new book, Listing Boss, Hoss Pratt discusses the changing environment and shares insight that will empower you to exceed your sales goals by transforming the way you approach your business

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