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AUTHOR: Packard, Grant

I, Me, & My: Little Words that Make a Big Difference in Agent-Customer Interactions
Grant Packard, PhD, Sarah G. Moore, PhD, and Brent McFerran, PhD
Through five studies, we explored the impact of using I, we, and you pronouns on purchase behaviors and customer satisfaction in sales and service interactions. What we found challenges conventional wisdom and practice when it comes to talking to customers

How Language Shapes Word of Mouth's Impact
Grant Packard, PhD and Jonah Berger, PhD
Today, consumers can express their opinions about a product, a property, or almost anything. A few lines written by an anonymous user in a completely different geographic location and time zone can impact success or failure in the marketplace

Are Clients Persuaded by Boastful Agents?
Grant Packard, PhD, Andrew D. Gershoff, PhD, and David B. Wooten, PhD
Boasting by real estate agents can produce negative and positive reactions from their clients. However, boasting combined with a strategy to develop trust can be advantageous to a real estate agent

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