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AUTHOR: Hochstein, Bryan

Boosting Sales Force Morale in Highly Dynamic, Complex Markets: The Role of Job Resources
Nikolaos G. Panagopoulos, PhD, Bryan Hochstein, PhD, Thomas L. Baker, PhD, and Michael A. Pimentel, PhD Candidate
Improving sales force morale can be a valuable strategy to enhance job performance and reduce employee turnover. Despite the benefits that can come from high morale, little is known about what factors impact it. We examine what market demands impact morale and what resources you can leverage to boost morale in your organization

How to Win the Sale: Adaptive Sales Techniques
Bryan Hochstein, PhD, Willy Bolander, PhD, Ronald Goldsmith, PhD, and Christopher R. Plouffe, PhD
Your clients are more informed now than ever when making purchase decisions. Our research offers insights on applicable adaptive sales techniques based on the consumers’ perceived informedness about high-involvement purchases

Is the Customer Really King?
Christopher R. Plouffe, PhD, Willy Bolander, PhD, Joseph A. Cote, PhD, and Bryan Hochstein, PhD
The modern real estate agent's business relationships today transcend obvious interactions with customers and now also include the internal business team and external business partners. The successful agent must skillfully manage these three relationships to complete the transaction

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