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AUTHOR: Harris, Courtney

INSIDER: Why Women Buy
Courtney A. Harris, MBA
Research shows that women account for 85 percent of all consumer purchases and have $7 trillion in buying power. In Why Women Buy, Dawn Jones shares insights to provide sales professionals with a relevant and detailed guidebook for improving results with and meeting the needs of this powerful market

INSIDER: 2 Chairs: The Secret that Changes Everything
Courtney A. Harris, MBA Candidate
The new book, 2 Chairs: The Secret that Changes Everything, is crucial not only for people who are in trouble themselves, but also for those who just don’t know what advice to give to others in need

INSIDER: Fearless Public Speaking
Courtney A. Harris, MBA Candidate
In his book, Fearless Public Speaking, Patrick King explains exactly what it takes for you to confidently prepare for a talk or presentation and command the stage once you're there

INSIDER: If the Point of Selling Isn't Selling, then What's the Point?
Courtney A. Harris, MBA Candidate
Salespeople will be more successful when they understand that the point of selling isn't selling. A salesperson's job is to help his or her customer make a better buying decision

INSIDER: The Productivity Project
Courtney A. Harris, MBA Candidate
Author and blogger Chris Bailey claims that productivity is not about how much you do. Instead, productivity is all about how much you accomplish

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