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AUTHOR: Harmeling, Colleen

Reclaiming Competitive Advantage with Web Design
Alexander Bleier, PhD, Colleen M. Harmeling, PhD, and Robert W. Palmatier, PhD
With the quick availability of online listings and resources, some buyers may feel they no longer need the specialized services of a real estate agent. Have you considered how the content and design of your web site might help you reclaim competitive advantage, while connecting with potential clients on a deeper level?

Transformational Relationship Events
Colleen M. Harmeling, PhD, Robert W. Palmatier, PhD, Mark B. Houston, PhD, Mark J. Arnold, PhD, and Stephen A. Samaha, PhD
Every relationship has moments that define the expectations and feelings of the individuals in that relationship. Business relationships are no different. Specific events act as fundamental building blocks of those business relationships and are essential in shaping the relationship development

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