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Out of Office: What Type of Employee is Best Suited for Remote Work?
Sara Jansen Perry, PhD, Cristina Rubino, PhD, and Emily M. Hunter, PhD
Many U.S. employees believe working from home—or at least away from the office—can bring freedom and stress-free job satisfaction. But our recent research says, not so fast

Boundary Conditions of Ethical Leadership: Stress as a Potential Inhibitor
Matthew J. Quade, PhD, Sara Jansen Perry, PhD, and Emily M. Hunter, PhD
In this article, we study the relationship between ethical leadership and employee deviance and turnover intentions, considering the role of hindrance stress from the leader and the job. Our findings show that ethical leaders who also impose additional demands are perceived to miss the mark in providing proper social support are likely to have deviant or withdrawing employees

Give Me a Better Break: Choosing Workday Break Activities to Maximize Resource Recovery
Emily M. Hunter, PhD and Cindy Wu, PhD
The average worker would agree that breaks, although not necessary, are helpful in making a workday more manageable and possibly enjoyable. Research has shown the benefits of evenings, weekends, and vacations on employee health and performance, but surprisingly little research has investigated breaks during the actual workday itself

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