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INSIDER: Shiftability
Luke Smith, MBA
Throughout our daily lives, we have many options. We can change our jobs, our bosses, our cities, and try endless news sales methods. However, unless we undergo personal transformation ourselves, external changes will not propel us where we want to go or help us become who we need to be

INSIDER: You Don't Have to be a Shark
Luke Smith, MBA Candidate
In his book You Don’t Have to Be a Shark, Shark Tank’s “nice shark” Robert Herjavec seeks to provide techniques for salespeople to sell themselves effectively, leveraging their greatest asset (themselves) in their daily life

INSIDER: Agile Selling
Luke Smith, MBA Candidate
For most people, sales agility is a new term. Top sellers are agile learners who know what it takes to dive into a new situation and figure it out quickly..

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