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Trouble in Paradise: How Working at Home May Negatively Affect Spouse's Work Productivity
Dawn S. Carlson, PhD, Merideth J. Thompson, PhD, Wayne S. Crawford, PhD, Wendy R. Boswell, PhD, and Dwayne Whitten, PhD
It's not unusual to put in a 60-80 work week, with many of those hours worked at home after hours. But have you considered how your working from home may affect your spouse's work productivity?

Tethered to Work: How Mobile Devices Impact Family Conflict, Work Commitment and Turnover
Merideth Ferguson, PhD, Dawn Carlson, PhD, Wendy Boswell, PhD, Dwayne Whitten, DBA, Marcus Butts, PhD, and K. Michele Kacmar, PhD
For sales professionals in real estate and other industries, life in the digital world presents numerous challenges. Since mobile devices are the norm, work extends far outside the boundaries of the office and expectations are high for immediate response

Is Work-Family Balance Possible?
Dawn Carlson, PhD, K. Michele Kacmar, PhD, Joseph G. Grzywacz, PhD, Bennett Tepper, PhD, and Dwayne Whitten, DBA
Do you have a balanced work and family life? For many, this question is difficult to answer because the definition of “balance” varies. Regardless of the definition, it is clear that the demands of work can impact an individual’s..

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