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Combatting Real Estate Professionals’ Insecurity
Nawar N. Chaker, PhD, David W. Schumann, PhD, Alex R. Zablah, PhD, and Daniel J. Flint, PhD

Have you ever felt insecure in your career? Have you ever doubted your ability to fulfill your job duties? If so, you are certainly not the only one in your field experiencing these emotions. While most are unwilling to admit their insecurity or discuss their self-doubt with their peers, insecurity is common among sales professionals

Do Your Customers Really Want A Relationship With You?
Christopher P. Blocker, PhD, Lance A. Bettencourt, PhD, Mark B. Houston, PhD, and
Daniel J. Flint, PhD

"Success depends on building relationships with your customers!" But, do your business customers really want a relationship with you and your company?

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