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Advice to New Real Estate Agents: "Be Proactive"
Michael L. Mallin, PhD
Sales managers have a vested interest in hiring, developing, and retaining sales professionals who have a propensity to be proactive since research shows proactive behaviors among salespeople as a key factor in generating higher levels of sales performance

Protect and Prevent: Neutralizations and Unethical Sales Behavior
Laura Serviere-Munoz, PhD and Michael L. Mallin, PhD
For real estate professionals, neutralizations are of great relevance. A sales role presents challenges and pressures that may sometimes cloud good ethical judgment. Given the knowledge of neutralizations and the principles presented, real estate brokers and agents can begin to..

Intergenerational Relationship Selling for Real Estate
Michael L. Mallin, PhD and Ellen Bolman Pullins, PhD
With such a potentially large influx of younger sellers entering the workforce, there will inevitably be generational issues to contend with as they attempt to..

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