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Combatting a Stigma Begins with You
Sven Mikolon, PhD, Glen E. Kreiner, PhD, and Jan Wieseke, PhD
Stigma is inherently problematic for any worker but is particularly detrimental for real estate agents and other sales representatives. Stigma can be detrimental to agents because job performance and personal well-being depend greatly on favorable interactions with customers

Don't Overcomplicate -- Adapt and Simplify
Sven Mikolon, PhD, Anika Kolberg, PhD, Till Haumann, PhD, and Jan Wieseke, PhD
Professional services sales encounters are a two-way street between the client and the service provider. Such encounters require input from both parties to mutually find the best fitting professional service for the client

It Takes Two to Tango: How Empathy Affects Sales Encounters
Jan Wieseke, PhD (Germany), Anja Geigenmüller, PhD(Germany), and Florian Kraus, PhD (Germany)
In sales, retailing, or service businesses, employees' performance during personal encounters is the most influential driver of customer satisfaction..

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