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Why Perceived Barriers to Career Advancement are Important
Bill Weeks, DBA, Elten Briggs, PhD, and Fernando Jaramillo, PhD
Finding and retaining high performing salespeople continues to be the #1 challenge for most sales organizations. Organizational commitment has garnered considerable..

Effective Information Management - Key Lever to Realizing Gains
William A. Weeks, DBA and Charles Fifield, MBA
In today's fast-paced, competitive marketplace, effective information management is arguably the most powerful non-employee lever to trigger sales productivity and..

Is Achieving Customer Satisfaction Enough?
William A. Weeks, DBA and Larry Chonko, PhD
Research has often failed to find a relationship between customer satisfaction with salespeople and sales performance. Some research shows that as satisfaction levels..

Use the Person-Job Fit Approach to Find and Keep Top-notch Agents
William A. Weeks, DBA and Christopher P. Blocker, PhD
Good salespeople are still hard to find and keep over the long haul. The national turnover rate for real estate agents remains high and many individuals do not survive in the..

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