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Attracting and Keeping New Agents from the Millennial Generation
Kirk Wakefield, PhD
Companies spend over $3,300 per hire on recruiting and the cost of not recruiting well results in poor performance, dissatisfied employees and high turnover. Little research has addressed sales force recruiting at this stage of career and the motivations of a millennial salesforce in their job searches

What Makes Working in Sales Satisfying: Who You Work With or What You Work For?
Kirk Wakefield, PhD
What makes your work satisfying? Does what drives you to succeed ultimately lead you to be satisfied with your job? Compared to most other things, which of these best describe what motivates you to reach your goals?

Divergent Brand Building Strategies: How Do They Match Up?
Kirk L. Wakefield, PhD
In competitive selling environments, brand identity is an important differentiator for both the sales professional and the consumer. For service industries such as real estate..

DISC Behavioral Styles and Selling Confidence
Kirk Wakefield, PhD
What DISC behavioral characteristics best describe individuals who have an ability to sell? Who has the least confidence in their selling skills? In our latest studies examining..

DISC Behavioral Styles and Sales Performance
Kirk Wakefield, PhD
Does an agent's behavioral style influence performance? Do groups or offices work better if there is an appropriate mix of individuals with different behavioral styles? What is a..

What Do Consumers Expect from Real Estate Agents
Kirk Wakefield, PhD, Chris Pullig, PhD, Laura Indergard, MBA, Suzanne Blake, MBA Candidate, Bryan Gregory, MBA Candidate, Chris Matcek, MBA/ME Candidate, Tara Gitau, BBA
How do home buyers or sellers decide on an individual agent? We conducted a focus group among recent home buyers and sellers asking just that question..

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