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Absolute versus Relative Sales Failure
Jeff S. Johnson, PhD, Scott B. Friend, PhD, Brian N. Rutherford, PhD, and G. Alexander Hamwi, PhD
Failure can have a profound impact on a salesperson’s effectiveness. Research has shown that failure affects a company’s bottom line through salesperson performance and turnover

Improving Performance by Managing Sales Call Volume
G. Alexander Hamwi, PhD and Brian N. Rutherford, PhD
How can a salesperson improve her performance? This is a question that sales management researchers have spent a great deal of effort and time trying to..

How to Reduce Client's Perceived Availability of Alternative Agents
Brian N. Rutherford, PhD, Scott B. Friend, PhD, and G. Alexander Hamwi, PhD
Given the highly competitive market in which real estate agents work, striving to attract and retain valued customers is important. Understanding what makes a client want to..

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