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Smartphone Use: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Meredith E. David, PhD, James A. Roberts, PhD, and Brett Christenson, PhD Candidate
With modern technology, you may think we are connected with each other more now more than ever. Yet, in many ways, we have never been so disconnected. Our research set out to learn more about the psychological effects of smartphone use on well-being

Partner Phubbing: How Cell Phones Impact Romantic Partnerships
James A. Roberts, PhD and Meredith E. David, PhD
Your partner just walked in and you can tell from her facial expression that something is weighing heavy on her mind. You ask what's wrong, and right as she begins to tell you, your phone rings

Who's the Boss: You or Your Cell Phone?
Jim Roberts, PhD
Do you check your cell-phone every 6.5 minutes and up to 150 times a day? Do you have 6,234 Facebook friends? Or, spend the majority of your waking hours with your cell-phone on your body?

Making a House a Home: On Happiness & Home Ownership
Jim Roberts, PhD
The Greek philosopher Socrates identified happiness as the ultimate goal of all human activity - everything we do is with this end in mind. And, because happiness is the..

To Keep Your Agents: Consider Servant Leadership
Fernando Jaramillo, Douglas B. Grisaffe, Lawrence B. Chonko, and James A. Roberts
Sales force retention is a critical objective facing managers. The costs of high turnover rates can be substantial and include lost sales, abandoned sales territories and costs..

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