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Pricing Strategies: The Difference of a Digit
Lingjiang Lora Tu, PhD and Chris Pullig, PhD
In real estate, it is universally agreed that strategic pricing plays a huge role in determining how quickly a house will sell; yet there are still questions on how pricing affects different people

Housing Prices Likely to Turn Around in 2009, Survey Finds
Charles North, PhD, Chris Pullig, PhD, Laura Indergard, MBA, Jacqueline Simpson, MBA Candidate
Housing prices are likely to stop falling by the end of 2009, say nearly three-fourths of economists in a recent survey. In addition, life-cycle issues, such as needing a home..

Stress: It is Your Business!
Chris Pullig, PhD
Are you stressed? Are the people you work with stressed? Undoubtedly, we all feel somewhat stressed these days. However, stress is not universally bad..

What Do Consumers Expect from Real Estate Agents
Kirk Wakefield, PhD, Chris Pullig, PhD, Laura Indergard, MBA, Suzanne Blake, MBA Candidate, Bryan Gregory, MBA Candidate, Chris Matcek, MBA/ME Candidate, Tara Gitau, BBA
How do home buyers or sellers decide on an individual agent? We conducted a focus group among recent home buyers and sellers asking just that question..

Lead Generation: What Really Works?
Chris Pullig, PhD, Laura Indergard, MBA, Suzanne Blake, MBA Candidate, and Jacqueline Simpson, MBA Candidate
As a way of beginning to understand what really works in the area of lead generation, a survey was created and conducted with a large group of real estate professionals..

What is Brand Equity and What Does the Branding Concept Mean?
Chris Pullig, PhD
Brand equity is a term most of us are familiar with and probably even use from time to time. But, as with many business concepts we may have a less than perfect..

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