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The Stigma Turbine: (De)Stigmatization in the Real Estate Market
Jane E. Machin, PhD, Ann M. Mirabito, PhD, and Natalie Ross Adkins, PhD

You have probably experienced situations where buyers, homes, or entire neighborhoods have been stigmatized. The emotional reactions created by stigmas can prevent your buyers from making smart decisions and can limit your sales opportunities

Show Me the Number: Communicating Probabilities and Tradeoffs in Real Estate Transactions
Ann M. Mirabito, PhD, Jesse R. Catlin, PhD, and Elizabeth Gelfand Miller, PhD
Have you ever watched your clients make bad decisions that cost them tens of thousands of dollars, even though you did your best to steer them to better decisions?

Using Workplace Wellness to Strengthen Your Sales Organization
Ann M. Mirabito, PhD, William B. Baun, and Leonard L. Berry, PhD
Joe is a highly successful broker in northern Virginia. Until a month ago, his life seemed ideal. He enjoyed a professional reputation for integrity and insight. Scores of agents..

Is Your Picture Worth 1,000 Words?
Ann Mirabito, Ph.D.
If you placed the business cards of agents at a real estate conference in a fishbowl, and then put the business cards of the people in the conference room next door in another..

How Consumers Respond to Commissions
Ann Mirabito, PhD
The traditional real estate commission structure is under fire. Commissions used to average six or seven percent, but with the escalation in housing prices over the..

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