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INSIDER: Cause-Related Marketing
Chris Matcek, MBA/ME Candidate
How do your agency's marketing campaigns influence not just your customers but your agents as well? In Linking Cause-Related Marketing to Sales Force Responses and..

INSIDER: Probability of Sale
Chris Matcek, MBA/ME Candidate
Is there a way to tell ahead of time how likely a listing is to sell? In The Probability of Sale for Residential Real Estate (Journal of Housing Research) Ken H. Johnson, Justin D..

Lead Conversion: Adaptation, Influence, and Customer Value
Christopher P. Blocker, PhD, Laura Indergard, MBA, Jacqueline Simpson, MBA Candidate, Chris Matcek MBA/ME Candidate
A national study was conducted to explore the approaches that real estate agents use to influence their clients in face-to-face meetings. Findings revealed the following insights..

What Do Consumers Expect from Real Estate Agents
Kirk Wakefield, PhD, Chris Pullig, PhD, Laura Indergard, MBA, Suzanne Blake, MBA Candidate, Bryan Gregory, MBA Candidate, Chris Matcek, MBA/ME Candidate, Tara Gitau, BBA
How do home buyers or sellers decide on an individual agent? We conducted a focus group among recent home buyers and sellers asking just that question..

INSIDER: Making the Most of Website Advertising
Chris Matcek, MBA/ME Candidate
Are you using your website to its maximum potential? How do you know if your marketing initiatives are really bringing in sales leads? In A Two-Stage Model of the Promotional..

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