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Building a Winning Sales Presentation
Charles Fifield, MBA

Delivering an effective sales presentation to a prospective real estate client will impact attaining your desired outcome for most client interactions

Getting into the Business of Your Buyer's Success
Charles Fifield, MBA

A basic objective to any selling engagement should be the buyer’s success, however that may be defined by the buyer

Identifying and Managing the Buying Center
Charles Fifield, MBA

The buying center is comprised of various individual influences that shape the buyer’s purchase decision. Since a successful selling process is about enabling the buyer to make a quality purchase decision, understanding how to productively manage the buying center’s influences and efficiently guide the decision-making process can be critical to the final buy or no-buy outcome

Developing a Winning Theme or The Attention Getter
Charles Fifield, MBA

Standing out from the competition by initially capturing the attention and the imagination of the buyer can oftentimes decide the fate of a sales call. Sometimes referred to as the attention getter or the opener, the theme offered at the beginning of a sales call is vitally important

The Salesperson's Toolkit for Selling Success
Charles Fifield, MBA

A salesperson’s or agent’s toolkit is a set of tools designed to be used together for the purpose of earning a win-win value-adding purchase decision. During an interactive professional sales exchange, several tools are needed to shape and achieve this desired outcome

Value-Developing Skills
Charles Fifield, MBA

The concept of developing value for a buyer in order to gain a purchase decision should not be thought of as a static event or a single step in the selling endeavor, but rather a critical and dynamic factor or process..

Setting the Sale Through Persuasive Communication
Charles Fifield, MBA

Communication, the effective conveying of information, is a critically important buyer-seller activity to achieve successful interpersonal sales performance

The Skillset Needed for Sales Success
Charles Fifield, MBA

The goals in professional selling are to build relationships and to sell value resulting in win-win outcomes. To do so, certain critical skills are required, including: relationship management, effective communication, and value-adding capabilities

The Mindset Needed for Sales Success
Chuck Fifield, MBA

The salesperson having a dynamic, learning or growth mindset is managing from the perspective of incremental productivity progress and potentially unimaginable opportunities

Ten Necessary Conditions to Highly Effective Personal Selling
Charles Fifield, MBA
Productivity, as it applies to sales organizations, is not uniformly defined. Simply put, productivity is maximizing sales results (output) by minimizing resources expended..

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