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Keller Center Research Report - Creating a Competitive Level of Engagement
Andrea Dixon, PhD
Bridging current academic research and the real estate practitioner audience, the Keller Center Research Report plays uniquely in the knowledge marketplace. Our Keller Center team identifies cutting-edge rigorous research with interesting implications for the real estate market..

Attracting Talent from University Sales Programs to Grow Your Real Estate Agency
Andrea L. Dixon, PhD, Raj Agnihotri, PhD, Leff Bonney, PhD, Robert Erffmeyer, PhD, Ellen Bolman Pullins, PhD, Jane Z. Sojka, PhD and Vicki West, MBA
When looking to add new agents to your agency, finding individuals who can add value immediately is important. Additionally, finding the right person who will fit your job and your agency will increase the probability of..

Engineering Success for Your Agents
Andrea L. Dixon, PhD, Karen E. Flaherty, PhD, Son K. Lam, PhD, Nick Lee, PhD, and Jay P. Mulki, PhD
The real estate agency leader can make a marked difference on agency outcomes by creating, enhancing, and changing connections between..

Future Shock Is Here: Information Overload and Today's Home Buyer
Andrea Dixon, PhD - Editor, Keller Center Research Report
As we navigate the information overload of 21st century, we dedicate this issue of the Keller Center Research Report to current research that promises new insights for agents and..

Help Me Buy: The Value of a Strong Routine
Andrea L. Dixon, PhD
Real estate agents who create strong buying routines help clients move toward successful purchases. The changing nature of information sources in residential real estate may be..

INSIDER: How Technology is Changing the Sales Environment
Jacob Christie, MBA Candidate; Andrea Dixon, PhD; Curtis Schroeder, MBA Candidate; Mark Tarro, MBA Candidate; and Dennis Thé, MBA Candidate
In a recent issue of the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, four scholars report on a research initiative involving sales practitioners in the United States and the..

Keller Center Research Report: Intentionally Searchable and Global
Andrea Dixon, PhD - Editor, Keller Center Research Report
According to the National Association of Realtors ®, existing U.S. home sales in December 2012 were well above the level recorded for the previous year..

Getting Off to a Fast Start
Bruce Robertson, PhD and Andrea Dixon, PhD
Runners to the starting blocks... Take your mark... Wait for the starter's pistol. A sprinter knows the drill. S/he begins a race so many times in ..

Personal "Touch" Portfolio (PTP): Connecting with the Right Clients
Andrea L. Dixon, PhD
What causes most sales professionals sleep loss? "Satisfying my current clients" is frequently close to the top of the list. Yet, while many sales agents focus on current..

Bouncing Back Following Failure
Andrea L. Dixon, PhD
Sales is a profession in which one must not be a stranger to failure. Being a successful agent depends, in part, upon the ability to respond effectively to failure..

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