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Do Your Customers Really Want A Relationship With You?
Christopher P. Blocker, PhD, Lance A. Bettencourt, PhD, Mark B. Houston, PhD, and
Daniel J. Flint, PhD

"Success depends on building relationships with your customers!" But, do your business customers really want a relationship with you and your company?

Are We on the Same Wavelength?
Christopher P. Blocker, PhD
A two-sided study of emotional intelligence with agents and clients reveals that only 26% of the pairs operate on the same "emotional wavelength" and 46% of agent-client..

Use the Person-Job Fit Approach to Find and Keep Top-notch Agents
William A. Weeks, DBA and Christopher P. Blocker, PhD
Good salespeople are still hard to find and keep over the long haul. The national turnover rate for real estate agents remains high and many individuals do not survive in the..

The Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson
Christopher P. Blocker, PhD
Today's market offers home buyers and sellers an abundance of choices for selecting a real estate agent. In this increasingly competitive environment, communicating..

Lead Conversion: Adaptation, Influence, and Customer Value
Christopher P. Blocker, PhD, Laura Indergard, MBA, Jacqueline Simpson, MBA Candidate, Chris Matcek MBA/ME Candidate
A national study was conducted to explore the approaches that real estate agents use to influence their clients in face-to-face meetings. Findings revealed the following insights..

Want to Convert More Leads? Dig Deeper into What Customers Value
Christopher P. Blocker, PhD
Today's consumers are demanding and more sophisticated than ever. They have a world of information at their fingertips - and in a crowded real estate market they know they..

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