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INSIDER: To Sell is Human
Dennis Thé, MBA
Attunement, buoyancy and clarity are the new requirements for influencing consumers in the 21st century..

INSIDER: Cracking the Sales Management Code
Dennis Thé, MBA
Organizations must not only have the capability to accurately measure performance, but they also must be able to understand how these metrics are managed to drive revenue...

Housing & Health Care: Why Should You Care?
Dennis Thé, MBA Candidate
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the major components of spending - food, housing apparel and services, transportation, health care, entertainment, and..

INSIDER: How Technology is Changing the Sales Environment
Jacob Christie, MBA Candidate; Andrea Dixon, PhD; Curtis Schroeder, MBA Candidate; Mark Tarro, MBA Candidate; and Dennis Thé, MBA Candidate
In a recent issue of the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, four scholars report on a research initiative involving sales practitioners in the United States and the..

INSIDER: Listen, Contribute, Connect
Dennis The, MBA Candidate
By now, most consumers are familiar with social media. It is easy to track how many Facebook friends, Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections exist on an individual..

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