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INSIDER: Conversations That Sell
Jacob Christie, MBA
The information age was supposed to kill-off the role of the salesperson. Any potential buyer could go out and, with sufficient research, discover a solution that..

INSIDER: How Technology is Changing the Sales Environment
Jacob Christie, MBA Candidate; Andrea Dixon, PhD; Curtis Schroeder, MBA Candidate; Mark Tarro, MBA Candidate; and Dennis Thé, MBA Candidate
In a recent issue of the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, four scholars report on a research initiative involving sales practitioners in the United States and the..

INSIDER: Evolutionary Sales Success
Jacob Christie, MBA Candidate
Have you ever wondered how Pandora processes your musical preferences and recommends other music you might like? Or how Amazon finds and suggests the exact..

INSIDER: Rules of Engagement - Focused Internet Marketing
Jacob Christie, MBA Candidate
In his book 100MPH Marketing for Real Estate, author and real estate veteran, Mitch Ribak, details the formula for Internet marketing success in a no-frills approach that..

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