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Importance of Motivation to Career Success
Keo Mony Sok, PhD, Phyra Sok, PhD, and Luigi M. De Luca, PhD

The need for fantastic sales professionals is greater today than ever before. Increasingly, clients demand sales professionals provide exceptional customer service that coincides with meeting those desired results. To this, motivation is key

Picturing Yourself in and out of the House
Yuwei Jiang, PhD, Rashmi Adaval, PhD, Yael Steinhart, PhD,
Robert S. Wyer, Jr., PhD

Have you ever imagined yourself in an exotic vacation location, experiencing all the benefits of a luxury resort? Real estate agents use strategies while persuading buyers to invest in a house. The implicit belief behind these sales strategies is that consumption-related self-imagery is a powerful persuasion tactic

The Skillset Needed for Sales Success
Charles Fifield, MBA

The goals in professional selling are to build relationships and to sell value resulting in win-win outcomes. To do so, certain critical skills are required, including: relationship management, effective communication, and value-adding capabilities

What's the Best Thank You?
Peggy Liu, BS, Cait Lamberton, PhD, and Kelly Haws, PhD

Acknowledgments and thank yous are given every day in nearly all professions, from real estate to acting to retail shopping.  Though such thank yous are common, people rarely put much thought into how various forms of such acknowledgements might be received differently. 

Selling Effectiveness: The Role of Interpersonal Mentalizing
Subhra Chakrabarty, DBA, Robert E. Widing II, PhD and Gene Brown, PhD
The effectiveness of salespeople depends on how they interact with customers. Sales organizations recruit and train salespeople so that they can identify and satisfy customer needs in the long-run..

Designing a Strategic Service Blueprint
Ioannis (Giannis) Kostopoulos, PhD (UK)
Delivering high-quality services first requires an effective service design process. Intentional service design ensures..

Forgiveness in the Context of the Realtor-Client Relationship
Jo-Ann Tsang, PhD
Even the best relationships can be marred by misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Although forgiveness is often considered in the context of..

Comparing Apples-to-Apples or Apples-to-Oranges: Choice Difficulty in Home Buying
Eunice Kim Cho, PhD, Uzma Khan, PhD, and Ravi Dhar, PhD
Consumers are faced with choices each day. Marketers try desperately to influence our decision-making process, capturing our attention and appealing to..

The Cost of Choosing: Cognitive Resource Depletion in the Home Buying Process
Vanessa G. Perry, PhD and J.D. Lee, PhD
Does expending more effort make consumers smarter? We question the intuitive assumption that consumers will make better decisions based on the..

Communicating the Value of the Real Estate Professional
Daria Dzyabura, PhD
In the first decade of the 21st century, a profound shift has occurred in the way people shop for real estate. Unlike past generations, this new generation of consumers..

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