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Baylor's Keller Center Promotes Undergraduate Research Through Research Report

Feb. 12, 2013

by Aimee Gomez

In the final semester of her senior year, Baylor alumni Sydney Garcia completed an important online readership survey on behalf of Baylor's Keller Center for Research. The survey was distributed to the readers of the Keller Center Research Report, a journal of academic research positioned for the real estate industry, and uncovered important insights that are helping the Center refine the editorial strategy and improve the journal's usefulness to practitioners.

Garcia, a December 2012 Baylor graduate, developed the survey as part of a student-led research project for an independent study during summer 2012. The study was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Andrea Dixon, Executive Director of Baylor's Keller Center for Research. Curtis Schroeder, Associate Director of the Center, served as Garcia's client for the project. This independent study was designed to facilitate an undergraduate research opportunity and to provide Garcia with a unique and valuable learning experience.

Dr. Susan Bratton, faculty director of Baylor's Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement program, explains how projects like this facilitate important undergraduate learning at Baylor.

"The professional training provided by this experience, the development of independent problem-solving skills and communication abilities on a professional level are great preparation for graduate school or the job market," Bratton said.

Bratton also explained the impact of this work for Garcia, particularly as she enters a turbulent job market.

"Survey instruments are widely used in industry. Having completed a survey that translated into such actionable outcomes for the Keller Center provides a very useful background for Sydney," Bratton said.

Garcia understands that this experience has helped her as she considers her future and allowed her to make important connections with businesspeople in different industries.

"The independent study was an important part of my development and definitely helped me network with people at companies where I hope to work after grad school," Garcia said.

"Sydney did a great job with the project and learned a lot about uncovering key information to support the advancement of a journal, magazine, or other publication," Schroeder said.

Garcia accepted a job at Baylor Press in January 2013 and is beginning graduate work in American Studies at Baylor this spring.

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