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June 2023

Keller Center for Research

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Fostering a Sense of Purpose in Salespeople

Valerie Good, PhD, Douglas E. Hughes, PhD, and Hao Wang, PhD
Most people think of extrinsic motivators like salary, time off, and healthcare benefits when thinking about workplace motivation. We find, though, that contributing to something greater than themselves—or feeling a sense of purpose—is a huge motivator for employees, which can drastically impact the value individuals bring to a firm and to clients.
Keywords: Management, Service

When “Too Much” is Just Too Much

Lisa Beeler, PhD, Alex Zablah, PhD, and Adam Rapp, PhD
Salespeople are often indoctrinated to love what they sell, but too much enthusiasm from the salesperson may cause the customer to feel pressured and form a tendency to avoid the salesperson and the brand altogether. While brand attachment is important in terms of salesperson effort and performance, it may be equally off-putting for customers.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Marketing and Sales

From the Outside Looking In: Using Social Media to Improve Well-Being

James A. Roberts, PhD and Meredith E. David, PhD
Humans are wired to seek out social interaction, and the Internet gives us endless opportunities to connect. But, contrary to the goal of bringing people together, recent research links increased social media usage to loneliness and perceived isolation. We studied social media use and examined whether it is how social media is used (passively vs. actively) that determines its effects on users’ perceived social connection and well-being.
Keywords: Social Media, Technology

Calibrating Emotions to Increase Sales

Blair Kidwell, PhD, Jonathan Hasford, PhD, Broderick Turner, PhD, David M. Hardesty, PhD, and Alex R. Zablah, PhD
Emotional intelligence has historically been considered a key performance indicator, but our research finds that those with emotional calibration, or high emotional intelligence paired with high emotional self-efficacy (how one uses emotions), is a better indicator for sales success.
Keywords: Management, Marketing and Sales

INSIDER: Culture Built My Brand

Alexa Mathias, MBA
If you are looking for a way to unleash your culture, motivate your team, drive better results, and attract more customers, then you are not alone. Aligning your culture with your brand to build a marquee culture can help launch your company’s performance to new levels. In Culture Built My Brand, Mark Miller and Ted Vaugh provide practical ways to transform your internal culture to fuel success and performance.
Keywords: Insider, Management

INSIDER: Your Next Five Moves: Master the Art of Business Strategy

Carson Solley, MBA Candidate
In Your Next Five Moves: Master the Art of Business Strategy, Patrick Bet-David takes a deep dive into a practical methodology that can be applied to all areas of life, especially business. In just five simple moves, Bet-David lays out what you must do to differentiate yourself from the competition, attract and retain top talent, grow a company exponentially, and identify who you want to be and how you will get there.
Keywords: Insider, Management

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