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September 2022

Keller Center for Research

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Paragraph Beginning Decor September 2022 (Vol. 15, Iss. 3)

Fostering Success through Goal-Focused Leadership

Sara Jansen Perry, PhD, Lars U. Johnson, PhD, L.A. Witt, PhD, and Daniel P. McDonald, PhD
Real estate management and agents often work under high stress and performance pressure, leading to burnout in the workplace. Our research explores how goal-focused leadership, paired with non-discriminating behaviors and high cohesion among coworkers, can equip employees to avoid emotional exhaustion, even as they work longer hours and face other demands.
Keywords: Management

How Screen Time Affects Sleep and Work Performance

Haiyang Liu, PhD, Yueting Ji, PhD, and Scott B. Dust, PhD
Have you ever been told to turn off electronics and give your brain some rest from screen time right before you go to bed? You may have been told that it will disrupt your sleep schedule and have a negative effect on your well-being the next day. Our research illustrates that this is only sometimes true.
Keywords: Technology

Reducing Social Anxiety to Boost Sales Performance

Bruno Lussier, PhD, Matthew Philp, PhD, Nathaniel N. Hartmann, PhD, and Heiko Wieland, PhD
Numerous professions, including real estate sales, involve duties that can lead employees to experience social anxiety, which can be detrimental to a salesperson, especially when working directly with customers. This research explores strategies to mitigate social anxiety in order to boost sales performance.
Keywords: Customer Relations

Making the Brand-to-Customer Relationship Work

Claudio Alvarez, PhD, Danielle J. Brick, PhD, and Susan Fournier, PhD
When it comes to buying products, we all tend to have favorite brands to which we are loyal. To better understand how brand relationships change, our research takes a deeper look at how consumers’ actions create, maintain, transform, and terminate brand relationships over time.
Keywords: Customer Relations

INSIDER: Sales Secrets

Isabella Ip, MBA Candidate
While there are an overwhelming number of resources available to help one build sales success, experienced salespeople with proven performance outcomes may be the most effective sources of inspiration. In Sales Secrets, Brandon Bornancin shares advice and perspectives from 104 accomplished sales professionals to help novice and experienced salespeople succeed in what can be a long-lasting and lucrative career.
Keywords: Insider, Marketing and Sales

INSIDER: Think Again

Tyler O'Mary, MBA Candidate
You never know when someone has an idea (but is too scared to say it) that could drastically change your firm. In Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know, Adam Grant examines how "thinking again" can help you find new solutions to old problems and spot problems that were not addressed in old solutions that will elevate your career and your firm.
Keywords: Insider

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