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March 2022

Keller Center for Research

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Paragraph Beginning Decor March 2022 (Vol. 15, Iss. 1)

Job Flexibility Enhances Working Mothers’ Career Aspirations and Reduces Gender Gaps

Julia B. Bear, PhD
The gender gap in pay in the real estate industry is larger than the average gap across industries, and there are also stark gender gaps in career advancement to top leadership positions in the real estate industry. This research explores how job flexibility increases, rather than detracts from, promotion aspirations among working mothers, an important implication for managers looking to recruit and promote female employees and chip away at persistent gender gaps.
Keywords: Management

Eliminating Toxicity through Servant Leadership

Mitchell J. Neubert, PhD, Emily M. Hunter, PhD, and Remy C. Tolentino, MSN
Incivility, rudeness, and a general disrespect for others has risen steeply in the workplace in recent years, affecting not only employees, but also customers and third parties in contact with employees. Servant leaders, those who put the needs of others above their own, serve as a critical force in preventing group-level incivility through promoting a virtuous work climate.
Keywords: Management

The Science Behind a Smile and a Social Media Share

Daniel McDuff, PhD and Jonah Berger, PhD
The benefits of earned media–or zero-cost advertising through social media sharing–within the real estate industry are invaluable. Contrary to prior studies, our research finds that specific emotional expressions have distinct effects on social sharing, allowing firms to more easily pinpoint what emotions an advertisement should aim to evoke and thus what content is more likely to be shared.
Keywords: Social Media

What to Look for in Your Next Sales Hire

Willy Bolander, PhD, Cinthia B. Satornino, PhD, Alexis M. Allen, PhD, Bryan Hochstein, PhD, and Riley Dugan, PhD
What do you prioritize on a job candidate resume? Prior selling experience or a formal sales education? Our research examines the effects of both on newly hired salespeople's performance trajectories over time, along with the impact of manager coaching behaviors. Our results provide insights into the benefits and drawbacks of each hiring heuristic along with recommendations for how to coach new salespeople depending on which heuristic led to their hire.
Keywords: Management

Applying Adaptive Selling Techniques: Exploring How

Dr. Sascha Alavi, Dr. Johannes Habel, and Dr. Kim Linsenmayer
While research suggests adaptive selling is a core ingredient of sales success, the question of how salespeople should alter their behavior in response to varying customer attributes has remained unclear. Our research and recommendations offer managerial insight to capitalize on the genuine benefits of adaptive selling to lead to greater success organization-wide.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Marketing and Sales

INSIDER: The Power of Discipline

Corrie A. H. Penraat, MBA
Did you know only about 10% of New Year's resolutions are achieved? Research cites the biggest reason people fail is a lack of self-discipline. In this Insider, we explore Daniel Walter's advice on how to increase self-discipline and move your ordinary to extraordinary.
Keywords: Insider

INSIDER: Shut Up and Listen!

Kristen Koehler, MBA Candidate
In his latest book, business leader Tilman Fertitta emphasizes that even when you think your business is performing at its best, there is always something lurking around the corner that could make your business obsolete. Fertitta warns that you should never, ever stop worrying about your business.
Keywords: Insider, Management

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