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December 2021

Keller Center for Research

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Paragraph Beginning Decor December 2021 (Vol. 14, Iss. 4)

Why Do Houses Sell Above Listing Price?

Geoffrey K. Turnbull, PhD, Velma Zahirovic-Herbert, PhD, and Bennie D. Waller, PhD
Why do some houses sell above listing price while similar neighboring houses do not? Is it because sellers underprice their property? Are some real estate agents particularly skilled at bringing in high value buyers, or does it just come down to luck?
Keywords: Financials, Marketing and Sales

Marketing Your Agents: Effort vs. Talent

Fine F. Leung, PhD, Sara Kim, PhD, and Caleb H. Tse, PhD
When highlighting exceptional performance of real estate agents, firms often credit the success to either sheer effort or natural talent. The way in which you market your agents, though, can impact their relationship formation with clients and, ultimately, the success of your firm.
Keywords: Management, Marketing and Sales

Creating Customer Engagement on Social Media

Fernando de Oliveira Santini, PhD, Wagner Junior Ladeira, PhD, Diego Costa Pinto, PhD, Má́rcia Maurer Herter, PhD, Claudio Hoffmann Sampaio, PhD, and Barry J. Babin, PhD
The goal of your social media marketing should not be to simply increase social media impressions, but instead, to increase positive impressions. In this study, we examine the role of trust and commitment in driving positive relationships and customer engagement in social media.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Social Media

How Work-Family Balance Impacts Workplace Success

Merideth J. Thompson, PhD, Dawn S. Carlson, PhD, and K. Michele Kacmar, PhD
Due to the nature of real estate, working beyond the walls of the office is accessible and frequently encouraged. But how does this balancing act impact others in your firm? We examine how an agent's family functioning relates to their interactions with coworkers, thereby shaping the coworker's job attitude and experiences.
Keywords: Management

Adaptive Selling: Finding the Perfect Fit

Richard G. McFarland, PhD
Now more than ever, clients expect a uniquely tailored experience and product. This research aims to build upon already-utilized aspects of adaptive selling while increasing your understanding of adaptive selling and providing recommendations to further hone your own adaptive selling techniques.
Keywords: Marketing and Sales

INSIDER: Nine Lies about Work

Corrie A. H. Penraat, MBA
As firms seek to standardize job roles, they are losing out on some of the most creative and quirky aspects of their workforce. In Nine Lies about Work, Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall uncover nine lies that we encounter every day at work and seek evidence to discover the less popular truth about work.
Keywords: Insider

INSIDER: The Adaptation Advantage

Kristen Koehler, MBA Candidate
Robots will eventually take your job! Truth is, they may indeed take it one day, but they also may help guide you into your next position. The Adaptation Advantage explains why it's hard for humans to change, how the world will continue to advance, and what individuals can do to make themselves adaptable in a constantly-changing world.
Keywords: Insider

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