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December 2019

Keller Center for Research

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Issue Indicator Icon December 2019 (Vol. 12, Iss. 4)

Smartphone Use: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Meredith E. David, PhD, James A. Roberts, PhD, and Brett Christenson, PhD Candidate
With modern technology, you may think we are connected with each other more now more than ever. Yet, in many ways, we have never been so disconnected. Our research set out to learn more about the psychological effects of smartphone use on well-being.
Keywords: Technology

How to Win the Sale: Adaptive Sales Techniques

Bryan Hochstein, PhD, Willy Bolander, PhD, Ronald Goldsmith, PhD, and Christopher R. Plouffe, PhD
Your clients are more informed now than ever when making purchase decisions. Our research offers insights on applicable adaptive sales techniques based on the consumers’ perceived informedness about high-involvement purchases.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Marketing and Sales

The Risks of Ethical Behavior

Matthew J. Quade, PhD, Rebecca L. Greenbaum, PhD, and Mary B. Mawritz, PhD
At every firm, there are employees who will adhere to a strict ethical standard and those who value performance above all else. Our team examined what happens when there are disparities in ethical practice and job performance between employees and how ethics may have unintended consequences on the social landscape of your office.
Keywords: Ethics, Management

Maximizing the Benefits of Customer Referrals

Christophe Van den Bulte, PhD, Emanuel Bayer, PhD, Bernd Skiera, PhD, and Philipp Schmitt, PhD
Customers referred by other customers are the best kind. Our research conclusions shed light on why referred customers are more valuable and can also help firms and real estate agents maximize the benefits of customer referrals.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Lead Generation

INSIDER: One Million Followers

Arjun Azavedo, MBA Candidate
Do you have the right social strategy to reach the right people? In his book One Million Followers, author Brendan Kane examines concepts and processes that are simple and require no major investment—but that have proven to build social media followings in the millions.
Keywords: Insider, Social Media

INSIDER: Explosive Growth

Maria Arauz, MBA Candidate
As a real estate agent, you're familiar with managing your own business. In this Insider article, we explore Cliff Lerner’s Explosive Growth strategies to help you grow your real estate business and stay ahead of the competition.
Keywords: Insider, Marketing and Sales, Social Media, Technology

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