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September 2016

Keller Center for Research

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Issue Indicator Icon September 2016 (Vol. 9, Iss. 3)

Tethered to Work: How Mobile Devices Impact Family Conflict, Work Commitment and Turnover

Merideth Ferguson, PhD, Dawn Carlson, PhD, Wendy Boswell, PhD, Dwayne Whitten, DBA, Marcus Butts, PhD, and K. Michele Kacmar, PhD
For sales professionals in real estate and other industries, life in the digital world presents numerous challenges. Since mobile devices are the norm, work extends far outside the boundaries of the office and expectations are high for immediate response.
Keywords: Management, Technology

Bringing in the Buyers: Leveraging Entrepreneurs’ and Executives’ Venture Location Decisions

Matthew Wood, PhD, Jeffery McMullen, PhD, and Alexander Kier, PhD
It is well documented that real-estate markets fluctuate over time, but since the financial crisis, real-estate markets have begun to fluctuate across geographic regions as well. One leading contributor to this disparity is public policy that seeks to encourage entrepreneurs and business leaders to locate in a state, or a specific community within a state, over another.
Keywords: Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales

Absolute versus Relative Sales Failure

Jeff S. Johnson, PhD, Scott B. Friend, PhD, Brian N. Rutherford, PhD, and G. Alexander Hamwi, PhD
Failure can have a profound impact on a salesperson’s effectiveness. Research has shown that failure affects a company’s bottom line through salesperson performance and turnover.
Keywords: Marketing and Sales

Can You Beat Around the Bush and Still Get the Sale?

Barbara Bickart, PhD, Maureen Morrin, PhD, and S. (Ratti) Ratneshwar, PhD
Customers can pose challenging questions, for which salespeople (despite their best intentions) may not know the answer. We define obfuscation as a providing a response that dodges the actual question and provides a pseudo-answer with irrelevant, tangential or vague information. Obfuscation could buy the salesperson some time, and could potentially limit damage to perceptions of expertise and credibility.
Keywords: Customer Relations

Transformational Relationship Events

Colleen M. Harmeling, PhD, Robert W. Palmatier, PhD, Mark B. Houston, PhD, Mark J. Arnold, PhD, and Stephen A. Samaha, PhD
Every relationship has moments that define the expectations and feelings of the individuals in that relationship. Business relationships are no different. Specific events act as fundamental building blocks of those business relationships and are essential in shaping the relationship development.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Marketing and Sales

INSIDER: You Don't Have to be a Shark

Luke Smith, MBA Candidate
In his book You Don’t Have to Be a Shark, Shark Tank’s “nice shark” Robert Herjavec seeks to provide techniques for salespeople to sell themselves effectively, leveraging their greatest asset (themselves) in their daily life.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Insider

INSIDER: Own Your Day

Amanda Rodriguez, MBA
In Own Your Day, author and sales coach Keith Rosen examines how sales leaders can put a dent in the stress and exhaustion. Rosen outlines strategies on how to refocus, minimize distractions, properly manage the precious little time we all have and create an ideal life.
Keywords: Insider

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