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June 2015

Keller Center for Research

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Issue Indicator Icon June 2015 (Vol. 8, Iss. 2)

The Skillset Needed for Sales Success

Charles Fifield, MBA
The goals in professional selling are to build relationships and to sell value resulting in win-win outcomes. To do so, certain critical skills are required, including: relationship management, effective communication, and value-adding capabilities.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Ethics, Service

What's the Best Thank You?

Peggy Liu, BS, Cait Lamberton, PhD, and Kelly Haws, PhD
Acknowledgments and thank yous are given every day in nearly all professions, from real estate to acting to retail shopping.  Though such thank yous are common, people rarely put much thought into how various forms of such acknowledgements might be received differently. 
Keywords: Customer Relations, Ethics, Financials, Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales, Service

Picturing Yourself in and out of the House

Yuwei Jiang, PhD, Rashmi Adaval, PhD, Yael Steinhart, PhD, Robert S. Wyer, Jr., PhD
Have you ever imagined yourself in an exotic vacation location, experiencing all the benefits of a luxury resort? Real estate agents use strategies while persuading buyers to invest in a house. The implicit belief behind these sales strategies is that consumption-related self-imagery is a powerful persuasion tactic.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales, Service

Peer-Based Learning and its Implications for the Real Estate Market

Tat Y. Chan, PhD, Jia Li, PhD, and Lamar Pierce, PhD
When entering the work force, new employees face a learning curve associated with their new positions. Real estate agents face the task of establishing themselves as a credible assets in the community and understanding the dynamics of working with clients.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Lead Generation, Management, Marketing and Sales

Are Salespeople Born or Made?

James M. Loveland, PhD, John W. Lounsbury, PhD, Soo-Hee Park, PhD, and Donald A. Jackson, PhD
When it comes to the art of selling, there are two sharply opposed views: some view salespeople as individuals who are born with the "right" attributes, who can easily sell different products and move from firm to firm with little difficulty, no matter what is being sold.
Keywords: Management

INSIDER: How the World Sees You

Margie McGregor, MBA Candidate
As much as we might like to think that we are wildly different than everybody else, our DNA is actually 99.9% the same as everyone else’s. We’re 99.9% average. As odd as it may seem, our individuality and personality only makes up .1% of us.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Insider, Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales

INSIDER: Being Real in Real Estate

Wesley Bryan, MBA Candidate
How do you convince potential clients that what you’re selling is best?  How do you bridge that gap between real estate salesperson and my real estate agent?  Ron Willingham says it is in how authentic you are with your potential clients.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Insider, Marketing and Sales

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