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December 2014

Keller Center for Research

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Issue Indicator Icon December 2014 (Vol. 7, Iss. 4)

Can Big Data Bridge the Gap between Sales and Marketing?

Morris George, PhD
With the advancement in storage technology and the rise of Internet and social media, more and more information is becoming readily available to both customers and agencies. Today, customers are able to get almost all the information they need to make a purchase decision through websites both of the focal company and their competitors, feedback and ratings of other customers and users, through blogs, online product reviews and social media...
Keywords: Lead Generation, Management, Marketing and Sales, Social Media, Technology

Recognizing the Real Estate Recency Trap

Gail Ayala Taylor, PhD, Scott A. Neslin, PhD, Kimberly D. Grantham, PhD, and Kimberly R. McNeil, PhD
Research by Saber (2014) highlights the challenges facing residential real estate agencies as additional information becomes available to consumers. Saber outlines strategies for agents to emphasize the value of services they provide to their clients, and the importance of “keeping the agent’s name and good work in the mind of the client” even after the real estate transaction has concluded.

Explicit Marketing: Personalization of Email Subject Line

Wesley Bryan
It’s a fairly common experience - that desperate moment when you search the crowd for whoever said your name. We are constantly clued into our names, especially when it’s added to personalized greetings or comments. People use our names as a way of engaging with us and getting our attention...
Keywords: Customer Relations, Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales, Social Media, Technology

The Power of Storytelling

David A. Gilliam, PhD and Alex R. Zablah, PhD
Salespeople constantly seek ways to communicate persuasively. Storytelling is a type of communication that you and I use every day. It is so common you may not even think about it when telling or hearing a story. Stories are such an important part of the fabric of human communications that failing to use them effectively in sales can be a serious handicap...
Keywords: Customer Relations, Lead Generation, Management, Marketing and Sales

Emotional Ability and Nonverbal Communications

Blair Kidwell, PhD, and Jonathan Hasford, PhD
As cognitive beings, we possess a unique ability to recognize and understand non-verbal communication. We have the ability to study and analyze the non-verbal signals of our friends, family and clients, and then use that information to communicate more effectively with each other...
Keywords: Customer Relations, Marketing and Sales

Selling Effectiveness: The Role of Interpersonal Mentalizing

Subhra Chakrabarty, DBA, Robert E. Widing II, PhD and Gene Brown, PhD
The effectiveness of salespeople depends on how they interact with customers. Sales organizations recruit and train salespeople so that they can identify and satisfy customer needs in the long-run...
Keywords: Customer Relations, Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales, Service

INSIDER: Consumer Decision-Making In The Age of Perfect Information: Absolute Value

Margie McGregor, MBA Candidate
According to the Borrell Associates report, 2013 Real Estate Outlook, real estate advertising was projected to grow by 9.7% to $27.2B, while the online advertising category was projected to grow by 16.9% to reach $15B in spend. These estimates make the real estate industry number one in the online advertising marketplace...
Keywords: Insider

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