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March 2021

Keller Center for Research

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Paragraph Beginning Decor March 2021 (Vol. 14, Iss. 1)

Communication Climate and Organizational Identification: The Keys to Change Management?

Marlene Neill, PhD, Linjuan Rita Men, PhD, and Cen April Yue, PhD Candidate
Change is inevitable for long-term organizational sustainability, but change management is commonly viewed as a difficult endeavor. Our research identifies and examines two key factors that can increase the odds for success for your firm's change initiatives.
Keywords: Management

Using Images to Increase Social Media Engagement

Yiyi Li, PhD and Ying Xie, PhD
Images are likely a key component to your social media strategy, but are you using the right images in the right manner? Our research quantifies the impact of image content and makes recommendations to help increase your client engagement on social media.
Keywords: Marketing and Sales, Social Media, Technology

Effects of Emotional Exhaustion on Ethical Behavior

Bruno Lussier, PhD, Nathaniel N. Hartmann, PhD, and Willy Bolander, PhD
With tight deadlines and sales goals to meet, agents often face temptations to behave unethically in order to get ahead. Our research suggests that unethical behavior actually decreases overall sales performance and that emotional exhaustion increases the likelihood of those unethical behaviors.
Keywords: Ethics, Management

Avoiding Burnout to Preserve Performance

Richard G. McFarland, PhD and Andrea L. Dixon, PhD
Salespeople are subjected to high levels of stress on a day-to-day basis, which often leads to burnout. In this research, we examine how interpersonal mentalizing skills and oscillating between actively addressing stressors and giving yourself a break can reduce the chances of burnout occurring.
Keywords: Management

What Drives Customer Engagement on Instagram?

Robert Rietveld, PhD Candidate, Willemijn van Dolen, PhD, Masoud Mazloom, PhD, and Marcel Worring, PhD
Do your Instagram posts contain emotional or informative appeals? This research defines the difference and examines which type best influences customer engagement on social media.
Keywords: Lead Generation, Social Media

INSIDER: The Ride of a Lifetime

Corrie A. H. Penraat, MBA Candidate
In Robert Iger's Ride of a Lifetime, he shares the lessons he learned leading more than 200,000 employees as CEO of The Walt Disney Company for nearly 15 years. Through this journey, he explores the principles necessary for effective leadership in any business venture.
Keywords: Insider, Management

INSIDER: Company of One

Jacob Brenton, MDiv/MBA
In Company of One: Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business, entrepreneur Paul Jarvis discusses a variety of perspectives on how small business owners and entrepreneurs can redefine success in business, focusing on quality over quantity.
Keywords: Insider, Management

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