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December 2020

Keller Center for Research

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Paragraph Beginning Decor December 2020 (Vol. 13, Iss. 4)

Earning Effective Referrals with the Right Incentives

Rachel Gershon, PhD, Cynthia Cryder, PhD, and Leslie K. John, PhD
Referrals are an important source of new business for real estate agents, but our study shows that most businesses are not implementing referral incentive programs in the most effective manner.
Keywords: Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales

How Older Adult Couples Make Downsizing Decisions

Nikki Buckelew, PhD
Whether specializing in the mature market or simply employing lead generation strategies, agents are likely to encounter older adult home sellers. This study examines why older adult couples, who intend to age in place until death, may ultimately elect to sell their home and move into a congregate setting.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Lead Generation

The Secret to Linking CSR to Financial Profitability

Sean Yim, PhD, Young Han Bae, PhD, Hyunwoo Lim, PhD, and JaeHwan Kwon, PhD
In today's socially conscious environment, social responsibility is an increasingly important strategy for business. Our study answers the question of how corporate social responsibility (applied in many businesses today) can lead to financial profitability.
Keywords: Financials, Service

Beat the Averages: How to Write More Engaging Facebook Posts

Keith A. Quesenberry, M.S. IMC and Michael K. Coolsen, PhD
Reaching consumers on Facebook through organic or non-paid advertising has become a challenge. Our research finds a three-part social media viral framework to help you write more engaging posts to reach more buyers.
Keywords: Marketing and Sales, Social Media

How Psychological Resourcefulness Increases Sales Performance

Bruno Lussier, PhD and Nathaniel N. Hartmann, PhD
How can you increase sales with no new software, gimmick, or miracle? Our research examines how psychological resourcefulness, characterized by optimism and resilience, will help salesperson performance and the bottom line.
Keywords: Management, Marketing and Sales

INSIDER: Atomic Habits

Maria Morales Menendez, MBA
If you can get 1% better each day for one year, you'll end up 37 times better by the time it's all said and done. In Atomic Habits, James Clear, one of the world's leading experts on habit formation, outlines the framework for getting 1% better every day.
Keywords: Insider

INSIDER: The Technology Fallacy

Brian LeCompte, MDiv/MBA Candidate
How can companies best manage rapid and constant change in technology? We explore The Technology Fallacy, which suggests that managing technological disruption is not about managing technology at all—it is about managing people.
Keywords: Insider, Management, Technology

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