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September 2020

Keller Center for Research

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Paragraph Beginning Decor September 2020 (Vol. 13, Iss. 3)

Bottom-Line Mentality: How it Affects Performance

Matthew J. Quade, PhD, Benjamin D. McLarty, PhD, and Julena M. Bonner, PhD
Profits are essential to managing a business, but can an emphasis on the bottom-line impact employees? Our research examines how supervisors with high bottom-line mentality garner negative perceptions from employees, leading to decreased employee performance.
Keywords: Financials, Management

#Retweet: How to Compose Shareable Tweets

Nima Y. Jalali, PhD and Purushottam Papatla, PhD
Your Twitter followers can be some of your best brand ambassadors, but are you actually capturing their attention with your tweets? Our study analyzes whether the occurrence of topic-related words at the beginning of the tweet affects your number of retweets.
Keywords: Social Media

Are You on the Right Scent?

Anna Girard, PhD, Marcel Lichters, PhD, Marko Sarstedt, PhD, and Dipayan Biswas, PhD
The market for ambient scents is growing rapidly, and research reveals that pleasant ambient scents have a positive influence on consumers’ brand perceptions. We further examine how repeated subconsciously processed ambient scents enhance your potential homebuyers’ evaluation of their service experience.
Keywords: Marketing and Sales

Is Internal Support Key to Building Customer Relationships?

Kevin Duane Bradford, PhD, Yongmei Liu, PhD, Yuying Shi, PhD, Barton Weitz, PhD, and Jun Xu, PhD
A customer’s problem is the opportunity for the salesperson to create value for customers. This research investigates how the buyer-seller relationship is affected by the effectiveness of the salesperson’s ability to coordinate internal resources.
Keywords: Management

Corporate Social Responsibility & Consumer Loyalty

Didier Louis, PhD, Cindy Lombart, PhD, and Fabien Durif, PhD
Does your firm have a greater responsibility outside of your legal obligations and goals? As corporations grow a sense of social responsibility, our research investigates the impact of philanthropy, environmental sustainability, customer respect, and worker respect on customer loyalty.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Service

INSIDER: The Infinite Game

Maria Morales Menendez, MBA
Like all infinite games, in the game of life, the goal should never be to win, but instead to perpetuate the game. This article summarizes how to adopt the five essential practices necessary to adopt an infinite mindset in order to perpetuate the infinite game of business.
Keywords: Insider, Marketing and Sales

INSIDER: The Happiness Advantage

Jacob Brenton, MDiv/MBA
Living a happier life takes work. We examine Shawn Achor's seven principles that can lead you to have a "happiness advantage" in your personal life and your real estate career.
Keywords: Insider

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