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Women in MIS—A Fortune 500 Company’s Vice President and Chief Information Officer: Kimberly Mackenroth

Dec. 3, 2019

Women in MIS—A Fortune 500 Company’s Vice President and Chief Information Officer: Kimberly Mackenroth

The Baylor MIS department is proud to present our “Women in MIS” spotlight series! This is a series of post that will be educational and inspiring to a diverse audience of students, professionals, and academics through the Baylor MIS department social media platforms.

For this feature, Kimberly Mackenroth, Textron’s Vice President and Chief Information Officer will be showcased.


Mrs. Kimberly Mackenroth provided us with the following biography:

“Kimberly A. Mackenroth is vice president and chief information officer for Textron Inc. In this role, she leads the business unit chief information officers and the Textron Information Services (TIS) organization. She oversees Textron's Information Management Council and manages Textron's information technology supplier and outsourcing relationships.

Prior to her current role, Mackenroth was VP & CIO of Textron Aviation, where she oversaw all global information technology, focusing on optimizing technology systems, supporting M&A activities and aligning business strategy and requirements with the delivery of IT services.

Mackenroth joined Bell in 1996 and held numerous positions of increasing responsibility across functions such as supply chain, manufacturing and integrated product teams in support of helicopter programs. Appointed as director of IT in 2008, she led a multi-discipline team that provided IT services to the global business during a period of significant business system change. In 2011, she was named VP & CIO of Textron Tools & Test, a position she held for two years before being appointed to her role at Textron Aviation.

She holds a B.S. in management from Baylor University and an M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Arlington.

For our Women in MIS feature, we asked Mrs. Mackenroth a few general questions, then moved the focus on significant achievements in her life, asked questions concerning helpful advice for our students, and ended the interview with some lighting-round questions.


General Questions

1. What company do you work at?

• Textron

2. What is your job title?

• Vice President and Chief Information Officer

3. Do you hold other notable positions?

• Baylor ECS Board of Advocates

• Crypto Museum Board

• Dallas CIO Governing Body (Evata)

Interview Questions

1. Describe yourself.

• Here is a quote that sums up my leadership philosophy – “Strive for excellence, develop a team that can achieve the impossible, and leave a legacy. That is what makes you a leader.”

2. What’s one of your proudest accomplishments?

• On a personal note being the mom of two amazing daughters. On a professional note helping transform Cessna Aircraft Company into Textron Aviation through acquisition integrations.

3. What is the most important skill for a student to gain while seeking their degree?

• Utilize opportunities to collaborate with others and build strong EQ (emotional intelligence) skills in addition to the technical / analytic skills your degree program offers.

4. What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone presently seeking a job in the MIS?

• Get comfortable with ambiguity. Every role in business is being impacted by technology and one thing for sure is that the speed of change is increasing rapidly.

Lightning Round Questions

1. Dream job when you were a child?

• Marine biologist (later an attorney)

2. What’s a deal-breaker when you interview someone?

• If during the interview the candidate admits that the position / company does not align with their goals

3. Phone calls or texting?

• Texting

4. PC vs Mac / Windows vs macOS?

• PC

5. Paper Books or E-books?

• Paper books

6. Ask permission or beg forgiveness?

• Beg forgiveness!

7. Who inspires you?

• The everyday people I meet during my travels who have different life experiences and perspectives of the world.

A feature by Madeleine Tauber

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