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Baylor Business Global Connection

Welcome to the BaylorBusiness Global Connection where our goal is to match needs of the Global Business community with BaylorBusiness and its unique and renowned faculty and its students. Our work is fully consistent with the Hankamer School of Business Mission and the Mission Statement of Baylor University.

We seek global opportunities for enterprise partnerships resulting in: (a) research and defined projects, (b) student internships and job opportunities, and (c) the offering of academic resources in support of continuing education programs.


In doing so we would like to dialog with you regarding your needs under our relationship offerings:


a.       Research and Enterprise Defined Projects are priced on a case-by-case basis including the mutual agreement of scope and understanding of time and resource commitments by both parties. Each opportunity is carefully reviewed based upon our ability to fulfill enterprise needs consistent with our own standard of integrity.

b.      Student Internships are offered in six week segments during Fall and Spring semesters, or the summer, and are provided in single or dual segments. The internship provider’s role is to: (i) provide work which will accelerate experience based skill building for the intern, (ii) provide reasonable accommodations for the intern, and (iii) pay a fee to BaylorBusiness which is used to abate tuition for the student. Otherwise, there is no wage owed to the intern.

c.       Faculty Support of Continuing Education and Training for Enterprise is offered during summers to enhance organizational skill development consistent with leading edge training applicable to your enterprise. After matching your continuing education and training needs with faculty availability, a fee to BaylorBusiness is required plus the provision of reasonable accommodations for the instructor.

Additionally, we love to CONNECT BAYLOR ALUMNI who are living and working around the world to our traveling students and faculty teams as they travel abroad.

BaylorBusiness core competencies include Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Family Business and Private Enterprise, Finance, General Business, Insurance, International Business, Management and Management Information Systems, Marketing and Professional Selling, Non-Profit (NGO) and Real Estate.  A cross mix of these competencies may be utilized to fulfill your specific needs.

The BaylorBusiness Global Connection supports the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative. We are actively seeking global opportunities for cooperation which fit the profile of Baylor's BRIC.

Contact Jim Anderson at or Julie LaStrape at for more specific details and to Connect with BaylorBusiness.

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