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Baylor Affiliate Study Abroad Programs

A foreign affiliate is a university or study-abroad center with whom Baylor has a cooperation agreement, but not a student exchange agreement.  Arrangements have been established for Baylor students to gain visiting-student admission to the affiliate, but there is no agreement for an equal number of students from the affiliate to study at Baylor.  In most cases, you would pay tuition to Baylor at the usual rate, and Baylor would pay your tuition at the affiliate institution.  If tuition at the affiliate institution is significantly higher than Baylor tuition, it may be necessary for you to pay that additional amount.  Otherwise, participation in an affiliate program is quite similar to participation in an exchange program. Participants must apply on the Baylor side for admission to the affiliate program, and must also apply to the foreign university for admission as a visiting student. Baylor participants will make arrangements with the foreign university for housing and perhaps a food plan.  Courses taken at the exchange university are counted as Baylor courses (they are not limited by Baylor residency requirements), but equivalencies must be approved by Baylor department chairs for courses taken at the foreign university to fulfill requirements in Baylor degree programs.

Summer Affiliate Programs 

Italy: John Cabot University
South Korea: Yonsei University

Semester Affiliate Programs

Africa and Middle East

Egypt: American University in Cairo

Asia and Pacific

Australia: University of Tasmania 


Germany: Cologne Business School
Italy: Florence University of the Arts
Italy: John Cabot University
Spain: St. Louis University
UK/England: Baylor in London/FIE
UK/England: Queen Mary University
UK/Scotland: University of Dundee
UK/Scotland: University of Edinburgh


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